Jailbroken iPhone Apps, PSP CFW Homebrew Apps

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In support of DIY and hacking your electronics:

I find that when I buy a device I can modify, I not only get more out of it, but I feel more connected to it. Moving beyond the company’s imposed limitations and exposing the raw device opens up possibilities; not just for the owner or the device itself, but for the development communities behind it as well. Amateur developers have a blank page in front of them.

I never thought when I purchased my used PSP from a 10 year old kid in the sprawl of Thornton, CO, that it was possible to change TV channels with it. Someone recognized the potential in the infrared hardware and worked with it to make it functional in a new way. And this kind of development is shared, for all the owners out there. Get a bunch of people together who share this homebrew development hobby, publish it all on the internet, and we get so much for our money it opens our eyes to the fact that we rely on the market so much that it stifles us.

We aren’t active anymore. We’ve become passive with consumerism and today our only experience of control comes from making the best choice from the products out there at any given time. Our identities are even caught up in this process. Just consider all the ‘fanboys’ out there who blog and comment their lives away in support of one brand of products over another.

Become active; wrench that technology or whatever away from the cold hands of the corporations and breathe some new life into it yourself. Do that and you will soon find you’ve had fun doing it and you’ve saved money (and ewaste) in not needing the next best thing out there. With some time though you’ll realize the most important part; that you’ve joined and enabled a community bursting with skill, creativity, and resourcefulness.

Now, my favorite applications…

Jailbroken iPhones and iTouches:

GlovePod– Pause/Play and change tracks with the volume and power buttons. This comes in really handy if you live in cold areas or don’t want to dig your device out of your jeans pocket each time you want to change a track.

Safari Download Manager– Download from within mobile Safari. Unfortunately, you can’t save files directly to your library. You access the media you download through Safari. iFile can help with that issue.

ProSwitcher– Multitasking on your iPhone. Be careful, this is a handy tool but can drain the battery pretty fast if you have several applications open at a time. I’m pretty sure you’ll need Backgrounder to use ProSwitcher.

AndroidLock– The nifty connect the dots security screen comes to iPhone OS.

LockInfo– The lockscreen hasn’t had much functionality until now. With several plugins available, the lockscreen can be flooded with information, obviating opening two or three apps to retrieve the basic weather or calendar info you just glance at for a few seconds anyway.

GriP ‘Growl for iPhone’ – Drop down alerts.

Custom Firmware PSP Emulators and Applications

eBook/pdf Reader– Read a scholarly article on your portable gaming console.

N64 Emulator– Plays some Nintendo 64 roms. Mario 64 is actually a great game for on-the-go. Remember, it’s illegal to download roms of games you don’t own.

SNES Emulator– Plays Super Nintendo roms.

Custom Firmware Installer– Bounce back and forth between custom firmwares.

PSPlayerMT– Watch video files: all sorts of supported file types.

I also should share this project I’m going to start as soon as I find someone with a soldering iron:

How to Make a Solar iPod/iPhone charger- aka MightyMintyBoost


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