New Ruby Suns, New Rogue Wave, The Dirty Three, And More

01/13/2010 § Leave a comment

I’ve had a good bit of time on my hands lately, the hotel being slow and all. Some new stuff I’ve come across, and some new-to-me as well… all good. Enjoy:


The Ruby Suns’ ‘Cranberry’ on The Needle Drop

Rogue Wave’s ‘Good Morning’ on Stereogum

The Shins’ ‘Plenty is Never Enough’ is track 3 on the Score! compilation that marks 20 years for Merge Records. Tracks are playable here.

The first volume in a collection of late 60’s and 70’s underground South African music. Be sure to download the wonderful track, ‘Kuya Hanjwa’ by S. Piliso & His Super Seven. Proceed to Aquarium Drunkard for the track. One thing AD says that sticks with me:

While derived from an incredibly economically depressed region, a strain of poverty this Western mind can hardly fathom, the music captured within these sets is paradoxically joyous—the sounds of life distilled to its purest form. And while driving through L.A. with this coming through the speakers, in a city of have and have-nots, the similarities/juxtaposition are anything but lost.

The Miracles Club’s ‘A New Love’ on No Conclusion

The Golden Filter’s ‘Thunderbird’ on GvsB

If you haven’t heard their other stuff, this is for you.


The Dirty Three- ‘Really Should Have Gone Out Last Night,’ Band’s Myspace

The Low Anthem’s ‘To Ohio’ on Rcrd lbl

jj’s ‘Are You Still in Vallda?,’ ‘Ecstasy’ on Audiofordrinking and The Walrus respectively

Julian Casablancas’ website

Also check out the new links in the blogroll and necessary visits, I’ve been adding to both lists the past few weeks.

Didn’t say it last time, Happy New Year!


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