A Wonderful Article on the Art of Curating a Mixtape

12/20/2009 § Leave a comment

I’m a big fan of the carefully curated mixtape or cd-r mix. Surfing around the web for Christmas tunes, I stumbled on a great article that reminded me of some great experiences I had during adolescence. Although I’ll make a ‘mix’ for anyone, the practice has been a part of my romantic ventures since late middle school. Possibly this article can remind you of some good times, and some worthwhile bad times too:

Actually, it has two parts.

A Cassette Valediction: Part One of Two

A Cassette Valediction: Part Two of Two

Also, I did find some Christmas tunes worth checking out:

Banjo or Freakout Xmas Album

Note that I haven’t heard the whole thing yet- just the first two (beautiful) tracks. GvsB blogger Chris says the album “[features] the eeriest versions of “Jingle Bells” and “Joy to the World” ever recorded.” I’m not sure if I want an erie version of “Jingle Bells.” We’ll see.

And now there’s more to check out:

Indie Christmas Songs 2009 at The Audio Muffin

A Very Indie Christmas Playlist at The Indie Files

Happy Holidays everyone!


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