Pictures of Manshiyet Nasser and the Zabbaleen

12/10/2009 § 1 Comment

I was clicking around this morning and came across the fascinating district of Manshiyet Nasser (a.k.a. Garbage City) in Cairo. The Zabbaleen (garbage people) pick up Cairo’s waste in trucks as would any other waste management company, but take it home with them. In their slum, they sort it and use, recycle, resell, or in some cases repurpose what still has functionality. Essentially, all living in Manshiyet Nasser work with and live off of refuse. The pictures below will link to photo galleries and more information. Moe Beitiks, the author of the Inhabitat article linked below says astutely, “At every angle, Garbage City feels like what the world would look like if someone grabbed it by the corner and shook it.” What a great subject for photojournalism:

Also, check out In Cairo Slum, The Poor Spark Enviornmental Change and Making Cairo’s Garbage City Green.

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  • Kyle H. says:

    This is a good post Nate, I’m always dumbfounded when I see these pictures of various garbage cities, it’s amazing that people live there and find ways to carry on. This makes me never want to throw away anything again. It’s such a horrible habit that we have all made to externalize or displace our waste or garbage somewhere else. We need to be responsible for the things we create or use. The word disposal should be disposed of.

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