SunCentral Computerized Mirror Array

12/07/2009 § Leave a comment

Daylighting is something I’ve been fond of for a long time, and I’ve thought about how to harvest daylight and bring it into a building in an efficient manner from time to time over the past few years. I had an idea a long time ago (not sure exactly when, college?) to use a large glass tube with slits in it to bring sunlight through a building as would a large fiber optic cable. I vaguely remember the desire for the quality of daylight in this random musing. (I had issues with fluorescent lights in both high school and the college dorms.) Anyway, this design is much more powerful than what I thought of, and is applicable to new green building as well as retrofitting efforts. Be sure to watch the video as well; the shit is bomb:

SunCentral Computerized Mirror Array Brings Daylight Deep into Buildings via Treehugger

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