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11/29/2009 § Leave a comment

Today I’m going to share some tunes. Quick easy fast post y’all. But first some other news.

I made a small impulse buy last week (good deals go fast) and that’s why I haven’t been able to devote as much of minze time to ze blog. Mostly I’ve been in PS3 and Linux forums troubleshooting installation woes or playing games with the roomies. I now have a PS3 with YDL 6.1. I hope to resolve the issues with mounting the root filesystem in Ubuntu 9.10, but I’m going to chill-out for a while. YDL will suffice for now. I’ll probably do a tutorial when I get it all straightened out.

Click on the images (or links) and prepare for aural pleasures:

Cast Spells

Best Coast


Something in the Way via rcrd lbl

When I’m With You + This is Real via stereogum

Up All Night via chocolate bobka

Sleigh Bells

Ring Ring + Crown on the Ground + Beach Girls + Infinity Guitars via stereogum


I’ve been an avid listener to OutKast since ever since Aquemini. I really dig their music. ‘Humble Mumble’ is a song that has gotten me though some really bad shit. I want their music played at my funeral. Never really got around to the earlier stuff until now, strangely enough. ATLiens and Southernplayalistic are both albums to own.

Two Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac)

Enjoy the music! Get up, get out and do something! Peace.

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