PS3 Linux, Two Games, and Sustainable Sim City

11/03/2009 § 2 Comments

Christmas is slowly approaching. I make more money than usual with all the generous holiday tips, and its hard to look at my wad of cash and not put it to work, so after I splurge a bit on friends and family, I maximize the effectiveness of that moolah. Usually, I rearrange my technology setup based on one goal: to have broad functionality with the least number of devices.

Last year I sold my Game Boy Micro and got a PSP… and then I modded it. My PSP can emulate all sorts of old school games I have from way-back-when, it can display ebooks, and it can function as a remote control because of its infrared connectivity. Did I just confess that I’m a nerd? Well, this year I plan to outdo myself.

Eventually, if I get into a graduate program for Urban Planning, I will need to update my computer to be able to run the current GIS software. The best plan I see now… instead of going out on impulse and getting a compatible computer this year, would be to save up and get a laptop once I know what my program will require. Probably, I will need to run Windows. Right now, I have a G5 iMac, and an iPod touch. Until I get into school and need the new computer, I could (in theory) do this: get a PS3, install a Linux distribution, use Wine to operate iTunes for my iPod, sell my G5, and put that money aside for a new laptop. In the end, I wouldn’t go without a computer (or my iPod), I’d gain a state-of-the-art videogame system, a blue-ray player (for Wall-E and Baraka), and roughly $300 in savings.

It also seems like I’d be able to run some GIS programs through Linux for practice before hitting the big leagues.

PS3 running Fedora:

The other benefits of this switch will be the following two games:

The Last Guardian looks especially good after just finishing the novel, Life of Pi.

So yes, in my opinion, games are getting better these days; although, I would like to see ¬†Sustainable Sim City. Just think of all the benefits if a game was made as broad and interactive as Sim City 2000 but updated to include today’s challenges and thus today’s work-in-progress solutions. Players could build their cities but try out so many new arrangements, technologies, and aesthetics. And with the computational capacity of hardware, we could watch different strategies interact. Long story short, I’d buy it. Many other older gamers would too. Someone just has to make it. I did a search for ‘Sustainable Sim City’ and this popped up. Neat to see that major cities are using this, including Denver.

§ 2 Responses to PS3 Linux, Two Games, and Sustainable Sim City

  • Kyle H. says:

    Nate your maximising, stop worrying about the ideal computer purchase. you’ll know what to get when the time comes.
    I like the Sustainable Sim City idea.
    Programs like Auto Cad for designing should also take account of environmental factors within the design process.

  • Thanks for sharing this. Keep up the great work. I love Google.

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