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10/21/2009 § Leave a comment

Well, I have some more music to share.  Considering I hardly post on music anymore, but listen to so much of it, it will feel good to spread the love. A good deal of what follows is what I listened to through the late summer:

Nicolai Dunger

I only have one song by this guy. But it got a ton of playlist time… Last Night I Dreamt of Mississippi.

Blitzen Trapper

Most likely you’ve heard of these guys. I don’t watch cable, but I’d assume they have a video or two in rotation on the college MTV-like channels. If I’ve caught you unawares of these dudes, be sure to check out “Furr,” and “Big Black Bird” on the band’s Myspace page.

Mos Def

This album got heavy play. And:


Quiet Dog

Memory Tapes

It seems Memory Tapes has finally gone viral. You can’t make it through a day without seeing this dude appear on an mp3 blog.

I was hooked with the Magic Sequence mix, although for the Plain Material song I do feel the Passion Pitty vocals are a bit abrasive. “Green Knight” is a cool one.

Washed Out

The three songs I have by this dude are good, really good.  But what keeps me from really loving the stuff is (big surprise) the vocals. I just want to hear what is being sung.

Two of them are here.

The Smith Westerns

Yeah, just click on the picture. Put a song of theirs on a CD mix for E in Chicago without realizing Chi-town is the band’s home sweet home. The gorgeous young woman (whom I should have asked out when I had the chance) will hopefully have seen them play by the time she pops that CD into her computer.


Very summery… Princeton’s “Calypso Gold

Yeasayer’s “Sunrise” was one of the repeats on the way to work.

I think LP3 was a slightly more evolved album; Ratatat traveled into Animal Collective territory a bit. The album still got acceptable feedback, but reviewers seem to be bothered about Ratatat not having lyrics. Aren’t we allowed to enjoy the possibilities/potentialities of the musical instrument? Anyway, check out this track with Kid Cudi… great for that halloween party you have coming up.

I’m currently waiting to get Likki Li and the newer M.I.A., Kala. Kinda missed these two releases.

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