Hello, Fall.

10/14/2009 § 1 Comment

Fall has arrived. For others it means lots of football watching and… Well I’m not sure, school. For me, it means the best portion of my wardrobe comes out, I go to coffeeshops more often, and I get a swiming pass. Largely, this annual change in behavior is an attempt to stay visible to the opposite sex. Covering oneself with a heavy blanket and grabbing a book, playing Mario Kart with your roommate, or lifting weights in the basement are all pleasurable activties, but they nix the chances of running into a likeminded, attractive woman.

I may be alone in this, but I feel like the music I listen to changes along with the seasons. I am intrigued by this. Will other people make a drastic change away from rap to jazz or something mellow and acoustic like Iron and Wine? What inspires this shift, if it’s common? Are we cueing ourselves to move to a slower pace of lifestyle for staying inside during the winter? Is it some psychological result of life around us entering hibernation? Anyway, I feel inclined to throw together a simple post with what’s currently playing in my living room/car/on my iPod.

J. Tillman via Aquarium Drunkard

Carlos Barbosa-Lima:

Aphex Twin’s slower songs are as relaxing as they are beautiful:

Sheet music here.

“I and Love and You” by The Avett Brothers via Spinner

and last but not least, Kings of Convenience.


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  • Kyle H. says:

    Nice picks for music, I agree my music choice gets slower in the fall too, more melancholy, thats my favorite kind of music though.

    Kings of Convenience new album came out today!

    and new band that I found that is neat:

    old but new to me:
    Bola Sete and Vince Guaraldi

    I will send you some music soon here.

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