Seed Ball Attack, TED’s Lecture/Talk Website…

04/16/2009 § 1 Comment

A cool story on NPR:

Environmentalists Adopt New Weapon: Seed Balls

Check out: Guerilla Gardening

Path to Freedom (Guide for Making Seed Balls)


TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is a site that was featured on WordPress today. It posts talks and lectures by notable people who speak at TED Conferences around the globe. Simple, logical design, attractive.

At first I thought this was a collection of lectures and talks, period. A site not limited by conference or brand. I got excited about finding a site completely open to posting videos and comments, similar to YouTube, but dedicated to collecting and disseminating lectures, speeches, and even public readings by respected writers and poets. Despite it having quality content, TED is not this. I do feel that the Lecture fantasy site in my mind is still a valuable possibility (Venture capitalists take note).

This is close to what I have in mind.

The site I imagine  would search remote places around the globe and add subtitles to lectures, allowing universal access. Translations could either be done by staff or done wikipedia style, having a discussion board tackling translation mishaps. Because there would be a text translation attached to the page with the lecture’s video, the collection could become searchable by keyword or phrase. Universities could post. Anyone with a digital camera and a decently sized memory card could post, giving even a short talk by a respected scholar, a wider audience. Something that WGBH Forum Network does, the site linked above, is provide downloadable mp3s of selected lectures as well as podcasts. Also, the site could be an effective resource for grad students doing research or a savior for those procrastinating undergrads, franticly searching last minute for sources and info they need to finish that paper that is due in two hours: The site could provide pre-formated citation information. It would also be great for those who wake up in the morning and find themselves curious about the world, people could share hyperlinks in an exclusive column beside each video, separate from the commentary, to other blogs, websites, activities, or organizations that are related.

Okay, I got carried away with that. Now I’ve got to get some shit done today before work. Peace.

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  • “Hi:

    Two things

    1) I’d like your permission to (re)print your article on Frontline
    for our website

    2) I was hoping we could use your ‘scribing’ talent for our website.

    The Best Shows Youre Not Watching (dot) com [all one word]

    ‘The Clone Wars’ is one of our featured shows. We’re hoping to round up a few people who can occasionally contribute perspective (via an article/blog) on the shows – maybe a recent episode, future direction, plot shortcomings etc.

    What’s in it for you?
    Primarily a larger audience back channeled to your blog. We don’t pay but the site has a lot of promise and we’re pretty excited about getting it off the ground. Let me know what you think.


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