The Update and The Pigeon

03/24/2009 § 1 Comment

Today I changed the background and layout  and renamed the blog to something more suitable. I chose The Strong Tumblelog because my posts are random and link-heavy; however, they’re longer than typical tumblelog snippets and are more focused. Mostly, I have a little commentary that’s followed by a number of links to different sites. I have videos and songs here and there but my time is spread out over so many commitments, I don’t go in-depth a lot… the times I do go in depth, it is fun and artful articulation is rewarding. Result: I’ll continue to do it.

Now, honoring the tradition of a tumblelog to have short, varied, unrelated posts “tumbling” down one after another…

here’s some information on pigeons.

I almost didn’t do the update. I almost just got on wordpress to check out everything, stats and such, and then went on with my errands and daily activities. The cooing of the pigeons on my neighbors roof was relaxing. It made sitting by the window enjoyable. I didn’t think I’d see many pigeons near Wash Park when I first arrived, yet they’re here, and they coo. I figured sharing some information on pigeons would give the post some length and keep it from being completely about the update. It turns out they’re not completely boring.


Move over penguins… “They live in families and mate for life, though if a mate dies they will take on another.”

“The Egyptians and the Persians first used carrier pigeons 3,000 years ago. They also were used to proclaim the winner of the Olympics.”

“‘Pigeons are a very misunderstood bird,’ said James Mejeur, Curator of Birds at the National Aviary in Pittsburgh ( Mejeur said pigeons are survivors and very good at adapting to their environment.”

“The pigeons and doves are distributed everywhere on Earth except for the driest areas of the Sahara Desert, Antarctica and its surrounding islands and the high Arctic. They have colonised most of the world’s oceanic islands (with the notable exception of Hawaii)”

“City, or “feral” pigeons, as they are known, descend from homing pigeons brought from Europe in the 1600s.”

The above can be found here and here.

It seems like the first article copied some info from the second… hmm. Suspicious.

Background on pigeon racing

This video shows a falcon chasing a trained racing pigeon.

Sign up for PigeonWatch here!

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§ One Response to The Update and The Pigeon

  • Mark says:

    Nate I like the new layout. I never knew there was so much cool stuff to learn about Pigeons! Oh yea… Happy birthday too!

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