Food! Restaurants!: My Faves in No Particular Order

02/19/2009 § 1 Comment

The Philly Mama is delicious. Quite a twist on the Philly tradition though… they wrap it in a tortilla, throw in shredded potatoes and add chipotle mayo. It really becomes a new thing… there’s no comparing it to an original Philly cheese steak.  Since discovering this, I’ve experimented with two different recipes for chipotle mayo with great results.

The Turkey Pesto-Mayo Panini is by far the top sandwich in my life. Wonderful flavor combinations… the tomato and the smoked mozzarella, the pesto-mayo and the turkey… Drive to upstate NY and have one. Then go for a night out on South Street. (Be sure to look for dropped cash on the floor of The Pub’s pizza attachment.)

Sometimes the guys are rude, but they have damn good pizza. It’s definitely worth it. Order a bunch of random shit then watch them do all the math in their heads!

The place where you can get a burrito as big as your head.  This is another OSU campus favorite. Parking in McDonald’s is recommended (screw them) as long as you’re getting the order to go. I haven’t been towed but you never know…

Geraci’s Restauant has mouthwatering Pizza… probably the most memorable joint K and I went to when I was in Cleveland.

So this image sucks, but it isn’t gigantic like the images on the website. The food is great, plus there’s a happy-hour deal to beat all other happy-hour deals. Dinner guests get, I think up to 3 beers at the following prices: 25 cents for domestics, 50 cents for imports. I get the drunken noodles most times but really, you can’t go wrong.

Overall, this is my favorite restaurant. Food you can stuff yourself with and instead of feeling miserable… you walk out feeling wonderfully healthy. Worker owned, local ingredients, seasonal specials, awesome salsa you can buy and take home.  The only other reason to go would be the great bar, Casa Cantina.

I know this picture centers on a stop sign and a bench… and it doesn’t even include the building the actual restaruant is in… but it was the best photo, capturing a little of Denver’s winter charm.  The Cherry Cricket sign is on the right if you haven’t noticed.  Below is a better picture:

Click on this picture to see another picture of people eating inside the restaurant.

One of the best burgers I’ve had, if not the best.  I’ve pretty much stuck with what I got the first time I went, cheddar and jalepeños.

My parents brought me here when I was a little tyke. I loved it, but I didn’t discover the best sub ever until one of my darker days in Athens, OH. My roommate at the time, I’ll call him M, brought me a Spicy Chicken Grinder when he knew I was down. I don’t think I’ll forget it either.

Well, that’s it for this entry. I’ll do more restaurants someday, but it’s more likely I’ll cover my favorite bars first.

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  • yellowkniferunner says:

    I agree with this list of restaurants, these are great. I’ve never had flying pizza before though, but i’d like to try it, i think you need to try more pizza out east though before declaring that a place in columbus has good New York Style.

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