New Horizons 2

02/17/2009 § 1 Comment

Today seems to be a break for me, from  writing grants, looking for jobs, or being productive in any way, shape, or form. I watched Buffalo ’66 while eating leftovers; I then watched an episode of Frontline on Global Warming (which will appear below, it’s good), and now I’m writing in my neglected blog. But today hasn’t been a break for something I find myself doing on a more and more consistent basis. These days, I’m keeping mental notes on what I want around me as I progress through life. It’s probably an effort to create a comfortable atmosphere that will allow me to function to the best of my ability. This “phase” (maybe, I’m thinking) may have two triggers: 1) My fascination with and memorization of the song “My Girls” by Animal Collective, the lyrics of which touch on not needing much in life… other than significant others, four walls, and oddly enough…adobe slabs; and 2) my recent change of diet which is resulting in a less stressed-out, more confident, Nate. I now know that I can avoid anxiety by making daily change. I’m now adding two more triggers based on new thoughts: 1) the lack of decent hours at my job is surely allowing me the mental energy required to make these reflections and changes; 2) I’m entering a new period in my life and my experience with clawing myself out of major depression has given me the focus and the confidence to make life changes.

So, the mental notes. One day several weeks ago, I walked past an indie coffee shop with lots of plants in the window and I decided it would be ideal to live in an area with a quality coffee shop close-by. The people, the energy… positive. There was also a dry-cleaners that asserted that it was “green” on its signage. So, those are now part of a mental note on community businesses. Each day I go in to work at The Bloomsbury Review, I read informative reviews and I see review copies for fantastic books. (I’m listing two below). Conveniently, I have a mental note for ways of living more healthful. These books. I find, will remind me of my vision of a healthy life down the road, sometimes even on days when I tend to picture the future dark and tough. At times, I really notice who around me are considerate, caring, negotiable people, and in a moment I understand the positive impact they have on my life. I note that too. When my girlfriend says she likes a certain house when we are driving through the suburbs, I’ll look at it and say “no”, “uh uh,” picturing my future in a house in an urban neighborhood within walking distance of a park, like where I rent now. The difference between my thinking about the future these days and the thinking about the future that I did in years before …is that commodities don’t play a big part. Functionality and well-being seem to trump. 

A woman in the Frontline episode I watched said that the western model for growth is toxic. Just think of the subprime mortgage crisis. I feel like my phase might be an effort on a personal scale, not just to create a non-toxic environment, but to create a fulfilling and pleasurable one… one that is also sustainable. The following are sources of information or entities that I respect and see myself coming back to in the future:

Please watch these two episodes when you have time. Be sure to check out the other Frontline episodes as well. This is an important series, please support it. (Watchable after 9p.m. today, Feb. 17th)

Books on going green.

Simple Prosperity: Finding Real Wealth in a Sustainable Lifestyle by David Wann

Fresh Food from Small Spaces by R.J. Ruppenthal

These are my internships:

The Bloomsbury Review


This looks like something I’ll apply for… PIRG.

For Movie theatres in Denver click here.

Find an indie theatre near you… here.

Some overview information on The Great Depression, if you’re wondering how they coped with their financial crisis. 

Newsweek’s 10 fixes for the planet.

“How you spend your money changes the world.”

Eco-Cycle Store: Making Zero-Waste Purchasing Easy

Farmers’ Markets in Denver

Farmers’ Markets for Colorado

and some near you.


Hope you enjoyed some of these. Peace out!

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