The Work Week

10/30/2008 § Leave a comment

Currently I’m working a near-full time job and doing an internship so I haven’t had a day off in quite a while.  I’ll be working tomorrow, halloween day, and I’ll go to work Saturday afternoon (thank god not in the morning).  I should be hitting 16 or 17 days straight.  My internship is over soon, and the hotel I work at should slow down around Thanksgiving.  But, with the economy the way it is, I’m not just complaining… I’m boasting.  I feel secure with my paycheck and I get some time to myself; I work from 50 to 55 hours a week now.  After a conversation with some of the Mexican-Americans at work where some told me they used to work close to 80 hours within 7 days, I got to wondering what the average work week was, for other countries around the world. I found these pages:


An April posting from The Economist.


Whenever I use Wikipedia, I look for a heavily sourced article.  This one is okay as far as citation goes but what it adds to the exploration of the work week… is its change over time.


Interesting section of a book on tourism.  Verifies some other information seen on the Wikipedia entry, specifically, that hunter-gatherers spent 3-5 hours a day sustaining themselves. The section is titled “Historical Development of Leisure Time.”

This section also puts into perspective the reality that we work more and harder in order to have better leisure time.  We can afford to buy products that contribute to our well being, and we can go on vacations that help us relax.  Too bad that by the time we get to use our products or get to the beach on that beautiful vacation… we’re so high strung that we end up half-relaxed or somewhat satisfied.  A tip for the modern consumer: Read The Paradox of Choice: Why More is Less by Barry Schwartz. And, drop out of the rat-race. Live comfortably and simply; drop the trends and all the commercialized bullshit; and devote your time to the meaningful experiences, the bliss, that all the little moments of sudden fascination have been leading you to.  


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