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10/27/2008 § Leave a comment

I’ve been following a few artists lately that have been producing quality tunes for a short while.  I’ve decided to post a few of the people who grace me with their sonic charm.  Hopefully, I’m forecasting some big future successes.  The last of this group is a guy who I’ve only heard one album but it is awesome and may be great for upcoming winter weather.  Here it goes:


Esau Mwamwaya/The Very Best




So I’ve been evangelizing Esau for a little while and I’m sure this is getting old for some of you (K for instance), but I’ve not had the chance to discuss his skill with collaboration, and my excitement for future possibilities.  You may have heard some of the solo work that has been circulating around the music blogs or on satellite radio or something.  He sounds great alone, commanding an aesthetically pleasing proportion of the song’s sound and power with his voice.  But it is great to notice that he won’t overpower another lead singer when collaborating.  You’ve heard Akon on 90% of rap hits these days?  Some instances there’s a bit too much Akon presence on each track.  If you scour the internet for his songs you’ll possible find a download for The Beatles “Birthday” cover that he did alongside The Ruby Suns (who will appear again as you scroll down).  This cover is a solid example of the Suns’ african experimental indie-pop style, and Esau’s presence in the background fits right in to emphasize and/or fill-out the african sound.  Another great example is “Dinosaur On The Ark” from The Very Best album.  This song is gorgeous, and is another good example of Esau being able to use appropriate vocals at the right times.  

Conveniently, I’ve just saved you scouring because the following address has direct links to both songs.  Thank you GvsB!:


His Orchestra


I stumbled on these guys and gals about 4 months ago and immediately put them on mixes after I figured out how to rip music off of Myspace.  I can’t wait for their album and it’s not only that my rips are low quality: their sound and mature emotional presence form a solid base and the three songs on their Myspace hint they’ll produce more with the same variety and quality.


The Ruby Suns


I discovered The Brunettes around this time of year in 2006.  I read a news update on The Shins’ website that praised them and their music. I looked around the internet and found some streaming clips and decided to buy their albums.  Being in a small college town the indie music store had a bunch of great music, but still a limited selection.  I purchased both albums online (they have a third now) and listened to the second one, Mars Loves Venus, into the ground. For a while I didn’t hear anything about them until I read an allmusic guide listing for a featured album by a group called The Ruby Suns. I immediately freaked out when I discovered Ryan McPhun, frontman for The Ruby Suns, had spent time in The Brunettes. I’ll freak out easily sometimes but I’m glad I did in this case because I bought Sea Lion instead of Vampire Weekend’s album and that was a golden choice. Heather Mansfield (The Brunettes) sings on track 4, “There Are Birds,” and it’s one of my favorites on the album.


Jon Hopkins


I don’t know much about him other than he’s collaborated with Brian Eno and worked with Coldplay on their most recent album, Viva la Vida.  Check out K’s wordpress, Yellowknife Runner, and you might find out more.  I’m listening to Contact Note right now and it’s pretty awesome.

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