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As an American, I feel little pressure to learn where countries are.  I can name and locate a good deal of countries where there’re been conflicts or intriguing economic or social developments, but I still feel like I could have a larger repertoire of countries in my little head.  What sparks this is a conversation I had with one of my supervisors at work.  She is from South Africa.  I was interested in finding out what language she spoke because I have been obsessed with a British-African musician, Esau Mwamwaya, for the past few months.  He has had experience with “Malawi” music and I wanted to know if that was the language in which he was singing.  I asked her what languages she spoke and she said Zulu and another whose name I don’t remember.  I told her I was trying to identify the language of a singer whom I liked and that I thought it may be Malawi.  She looked puzzled and said Malawi is a country, not a language.  I then asked if Zulu and her other language were spoken more frequently in northern Africa.  And she said south.  So of course I experience a dull sense of overall confusion, probably similar to Jessica Simpson with the whole chicken-of-the-sea tuna thing.

Anyway, I’ve decided to use this time to post a few sites to help anyone who is interested learn more about the partitions of the world, and the related facts and figures that correspond with each of these areas.

I just found a quote!  Check out the blog, link is below quote.

“Just as none of us is outside or beyond geography, none of us is completely free from the struggle over geography. That struggle is complex and interesting because it is not only about soldiers and cannons but also about ideas, about forms, about images and imaginings.” 
Edward Said (1994)


↑ A good site for the progressive/activist type.

So yeah, I know this is the wrong day for this posting but I fell asleep before I could post it last night.

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